Politics in Texas used to be all about the grassroots. Texas launched the Populist movement in the late 1800s, which eventually led to the New Deal and all other progressive movements in the United States. Texas once had the strongest regulations to protect the people from the clutches of robber barons, evident from our anti-big bank policies written into the first Texas constitution.

Texas has a long legacy of grassroots officials and organizers working in our state's history. It's time we return Texas to its roots by returning grassroots to Texas politics. 

The Alliance is a coalition of organizations dedicated to returning grassroots to Texas politics. Our mission is to build an all-encompassing political machine to elect progressive leaders, bring the voice of the people to the halls of government, and ensure current elected officials are held accountable to democratic values.

A grassroots champion, former Texas Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower, often said on his campaign trail, "everyone does better when everyone does better." As members of the Alliance, our philosophy is that we're all stronger when everyone is stronger

To achieve our mission with our philosophy in tow, the Alliance aims to coordinate our efforts to the greatest extent of the law, share our skills between organizations, share and grow community resources, and more. In other words, we work to build each other up and coordinate our actions to return grassroots to Texas politics. 

See our Directory to learn more about our members and other allied organizations. You can also sign up for updates using our Get Involved page. Voters will find Voting Information here, including information about getting registered to vote and voter guides from our member or allied organizations. Alliance members will be able to access unique resources at our Hub page. 

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