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  • Voter Guides

    Here is a collection of voter guides from our member and other allied organizations.


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  • What are the benefits to joining the Alliance?


    The goal of the Alliance is to strengthen each of our organizations. The stronger we are as individual organizations, the stronger our movement becomes as a whole. Beyond skill sharing, we will also draft GOTV plans to win in 2022 and beyond. We also manage a press list for all Alliance members to use and add to. 

  • Does it cost to join?


    No, there is no monetary or financial cost to joining the Alliance. However, it is expected that each organization will work together to achieve our common goals and will assist the Alliance with our mission.

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  • Who can join?


    The Alliance is open to any Democratic or progressive organization with operations, chapters, and/or hubs in Texas. It's open for any 501(c)3, (c)4, PACs, political parties, and other community groups. 

  • Organization Sign Up

    Does your organization want to join the Alliance? Endorse our mission and guidelines to join!

    After endorsing, an organizer will reach out to you.


    We work together to build an all-encompassing political machine to elect progressive leaders and ensure current elected officials are held accountable to progressive values. Our fundamental philosophy is that the stronger we become as individual organizations, the stronger we all become and the stronger our overall movement becomes. 



    1. All member organizations ascribe to the notion that working together will greatly improve our chances of electoral success in Texas, being defined as turning Texas blue. 
    2. All member organizations agree to work with the Alliance and its member organizations to the best of their abilities in a means that is appropriate and applicable to their own organizational base needs. 
    3. All member organizations will treat all other members with mutual respect.  
    4. All member organizations agree that the Alliance does not represent any single organization nor does any single organization represent the Alliance. 



    1. The Alliance agrees to protect the data security of all of its member organizations. 
    2. The Alliance and its member organizations shall not hold, nor seek to obtain, data from its members regarding their individual donors, members, volunteers, supporter list, or any other confidential information. The Alliance will not tolerate any member organization that attempts to take privileged information from another member. 
    3. During the general election cycle, after a Democratic nominee is chosen, the Alliance and its members may seek, but not compel, other members to share their electoral activities, location(s) of their activities, timelines, a general description of voter targeting metrics, and any other information directly relevant to the persuasion of voter or general GOTV operations. See “ELECTIONS (GENERAL)” to learn more. 



    1. Each member organization may be listed as a member of the Alliance. Each member may provide the Alliance a means for candidates to apply for their individual endorsements. 
    2. Member organizations shall help the Alliance map the locations of each organization, its chapters, its groups, and/or its hubs in Texas. Parts of this information may be made public. 
    3. Member organizations shall help the Alliance develop a list of each organizational focuses, preferred GOTV and advocacy methods, and priority electoral targets.
    4. Member organizations shall help the Alliance develop a list of endorsed candidates. This information may be made public.
    5. Member organizations shall provide to the Alliance a list of contacts within their respective organizations for communication purposes. This information shall be kept confidential unless otherwise stated. 



    1. The Alliance and each of its member organizations shall remain respectful of each member organization’s endorsement process and endorsements. 
    2. The Alliance shall not make endorsements during the primaries or runoffs. The Alliance will also not stop or otherwise impede member organizations from endorsing in the primaries or runoffs and will not stop or otherwise impede member organizations from working with other members of the Alliance during this time. 
    3. While the Alliance shall keep a list of each members’ endorsements, it shall not request or seek information regarding electoral strategy until a nominee is determined. 
    4. The Alliance shall not determine individual member organization’s strategies, priorities, or who they endorse. 



    1. Once a Democratic nominee is determined, the Alliance shall request each member organization to work together to the greatest extent possible by law, practicality, and applicableness. 
    2. Each member organization will be encouraged, but not compelled, to share electoral activities to help the Alliance coordinate efforts to the best of its ability. For example:
      1. If a member is prioritizing block walking for a particular period of time, they should inform the Alliance and its members so that other members may focus on another electoral activity, such as phone banking, so that efforts are not needlessly duplicated. 
      2. If a member is focusing on a particular district or precinct, they should inform the Alliance so that other members may focus their efforts on unworked districts or precincts. 
    3. The Alliance and its members are allowed to seek a general description of voter targeting metrics a member is using. Each member is encouraged to share what they can about their metrics but may not be compelled to do so. 



    1. Members must ascribe to Democratic/progressive values and work to promote Democratic candidates.
    2. Members must be based or have chapters/hubs/networks in Texas.
    3. Members must agree to the Alliance's MISSION & GUIDELINES.
    4. Members must be active in the state of Texas.



  • Voting Resources

    Are you registered to vote? Voting is the most important civic duty you can do as it is the ultimate sword and shield to protect our democracy. Please register to vote today AND ensure all your friends/family/coworkers are registered too!

    Here are two resources you can use/share to help folks get registered to vote:


    Click here to find our voter guides page where we will list several vote guides from our member and allied organizations.

  • Politics in Texas used to be all about the grassroots. Texas launched the Populist movement in the late 1800s, which eventually led to the New Deal and all other progressive movements in the United States. Texas once had the strongest regulations to protect the people from the clutches of robber barons, evident from our anti-big bank policies written into the first Texas constitution.

    Texas has a long legacy of grassroots officials and organizers working in our state's history. It's time we return Texas to its roots by returning grassroots to Texas politics. 

    The Alliance is a coalition of organizations dedicated to returning grassroots to Texas politics. Our mission is to build an all-encompassing political machine to elect progressive leaders, bring the voice of the people to the halls of government, and ensure current elected officials are held accountable to democratic values.

    A grassroots champion, former Texas Agricultural Commissioner Jim Hightower, often said on his campaign trail, "everyone does better when everyone does better." As members of the Alliance, our philosophy is that we're all stronger when everyone is stronger

    To achieve our mission with our philosophy in tow, the Alliance aims to coordinate our efforts to the greatest extent of the law, share our skills between organizations, share and grow community resources, and more. In other words, we work to build each other up and coordinate our actions to return grassroots to Texas politics. 

    See our Directory to learn more about our members and other allied organizations. You can also sign up for updates using our Get Involved page. Voters will find Voting Information here, including information about getting registered to vote and voter guides from our member or allied organizations. Alliance members will be able to access unique resources at our Hub page. 

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